Hi there, 

We are a family run business from home.

 I picked up the cooking and baking gene from my mom.  It started out when I was a teenager growing up in Mozambique where I would help mom to cook our family meals, and give her a break. This meant slicing and chopping,  but really taking orders. A lota memories of the both of us, in the kitchen with her need for perfection making me a better chef today. Thank you mom. 

All my recipes come from a need to try new flavours, textures and please my grandkids and kids, as well as myself. We are a family big on food, big meals and big desserts too. I insisted on family meals together at the dinner table when my kids were growing up.

So now my cooking skills are left for my husband and I and my children’s visits. At times feeling like they’ve never left. Nevertheless i am ever so grateful, and blessed. Upon their return there’s a lot of talk of “I miss your…” “mom cook me this mom, cook me that”. 💖 so then there I go back in the kitchen.